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Court to rule on appeal against closure of Hadhoud case on June 23, allows family lawyers access to case files for 1st time

Lawyers for the family of Ayman Hadhoud were finally allowed to review the case files in the investigation into the researcher’s death on Saturday, after weeks of demanding access to them as part of their appeal against the prosecution’s decision to close the case, lawyer Fatma Serag told Mada Masr.

17-yr-old convicted of ‘prostitution’ based on social media content used to convict ‘human trafficker’ of sexually exploiting her

TikTok content creator Moka Hegazi, 17, was convicted in February of “prostitution, and inviting debauchery” by a juvenile court that leveraged photographs and video footage shared on her TikTok account to evidence the ruling, her lawyer, Aziza al-Taweel told Mada Masr.