Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Egypt: Lawyers file case against ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi

Two Egyptian lawyers known for their ties to the authorities have filed complaints to the Prosecutor-General against former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi and the outspoken Member of Parliament Ahmed Tantawi, alleging that they incited protests.

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‘We’re being chased’: Egyptian human rights lawyers struggle under crackdown

After protests calling for the fall of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi kicked off earlier this month, human rights lawyers in the country have been busy dashing from police stations to courtrooms to meetings with families whose relatives have been arrested.

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Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Hussein spends 1,000 days in Egyptian prison

Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein has now been detained without any formal charges in Egypt for 1,000 days. Hussein, an Egyptian national who works for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel in Qatar, was arrested on arrival in Egypt on December 20, 2016, while on a personal visit to see his family.

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Civil society leaders fight travel bans as 9-year NGO foreign funding case drags on

Thirteen human rights advocates and representatives of multiple Egyptian organizations continue to fight travel bans imposed on them in Case 173/2011, known as the NGO foreign funding case. The case, which has become a drawn-out legal drama, began almost nine years ago. None of the 13 plaintiffs appealing the travel …

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