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Another two involved in Minya attack killed: police

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday in an official statement, that two other members who were involved in the Minya attack were killed. The Minya attack, previously resulted in the death of seven Egyptian Coptic Christian citizens, in the south of Cairo, early November.

Egyptian campaign to Congress targeting Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian politicians and oppositionists in the United States underestimated the effectiveness of attempts by the regime of the coup leader, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to influence the position of the US Congress against the Muslim Brotherhood, and to make it include them in the lists of terrorism or consider it as …

Sisi’s Ambitions in Libya

On October 23, Egyptian-mediated talks between the Libyan National Army (LNA)—the military faction led by Khalifa Haftar and which controls most of Eastern Libya—and the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli fell apart once again. These negotiations, stalled for six months, had resumed only one week earlier, …

Egypt frees 578 prisoners after presidential amnesty

Egypt’s interior ministry has released 578 prisoners who were offered amnesty or conditional pardons. The ministry said in a statement that the prison service has been examining prisoners’ files to determine those entitled to be pardoned and released prior to completing their sentences.

TIMEP Brief: Sinai Tribes in Egypt’s War on Terror

Egypt’s war on terror has intersected in many ways with the engagement of Sinai’s Bedouin tribespeople, who number about 250,000 in the region: Bedouin have been not only the victims and perpetrators of terror violence in the province but active participants in combating it.

Appeal Court approves death sentences of nine suspects for assassinating Hisham Barakat

The Cairo Appeals Court approved on Sunday handing death sentences for nine suspects for their involvement in the assassination of Egypt’s top Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat in a car bomb in 2015. The verdict is final and cannot be appealed.