Friday , 30 July 2021
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Egypt’s opposition parties organise petition to abolish protest law

A petition calling upon Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court to review a controversial protest law was signed by 358 people in two weeks, Khaled Dawoud, spokesperson for the Constitution party said Tuesday during a press conference at the Egypt Freedom Party headquarters.

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Report: Detainees dying in police stations, the specter of torture is back

Going in you are lost, coming out you are born again. This is the closest description to police stations these days. Since Magdi Abdel Ghaffar became Interior Minister in March, the number of detainees dying in police stations has increased, with the causes of death varying between medical negligence, lack …

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Draft law pushes equal opportunity in Egypt

Remarks by former Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber that the son of a rubbish collector should not be appointed to the judiciary — delivered a few hours before Saber’s resignation — outraged Egyptians and highlighted the problem of social mobility, or lack thereof.

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NCHR calls for release of detained students found ‘not guilty’

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) discussed “top issues” in their monthly meeting, including their demand for the release of “not guilty” detained students and the implementation of judicial decisions in Sursu village cases, and formed a committee to study the Prisons Law.

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