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New Egyptian panel will defend government, not human rights

Egypt will convene a committee next month tasked with responding to, and trying to counter, claims of human rights abuses against the often-accused country.

Egypt refuses to build refugee camps: Foreign Ministry

“The Egyptian government refused to establish refugee camps, but granted the refugees the freedom of movement inside the country,” said Deputy Assistant of Foreign Ministry Dina al-Sihi Wednesday, adding that the government also granted refugees health and education services.

Minister faces criticism for ‘insulting’ MPs after saying he throws their requests in the bin

Members of the House of Representatives strongly criticized Minister of Local Development Abu Bakr al-Gendi on Monday, calling for his dismissal after he “insulted” MPs during a meeting with MP Salama al-Gohary, when he said he “throws the requests of MPs in the bin.”

UN lawyer warns Egypt over closure of churches

Fellow of the UN High Commissioner for Minority Affairs, Joseph Malak, sent an official warning on Sunday to Prime Minister Sherif Ismail as well as ministries of interior, local development, parliamentarian affairs and governor of Alexandria, calling on them to cancel the decisions that ordered the closure of churches in Egypt.

US senators, Amnesty criticise Egypt’s recently approved NGO law

US Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticised the recent approval of Egypt’s contentious NGO law, deeming it “draconian legislation” that seeks to regulate the work of nongovernmental organizations, in a statement on Wednesday.

Sectarian violence renewed in Minya as Christians brace for Easter celebrations

A group of residents from Koum al-Loufy, Minya, threw stones at Coptic Christians after Maundy Thursday prayers, an eyewitness told Mada Masr on Friday.

67 corruption cases in February among uncertain legislative reform: PFORT

A count of 67 corruption incidents in state institutions in February was announced in a report issued Thursday by Partners for Transparency (PFORT), also highlighting that the future of anti-corruption legislation remains uncertain in the parliament.

Corruption rife in Egyptian ministries of state

An Egyptian NGO has recorded at least 1,102 examples of corruption in the country’s ministries of state between July 2015 and June this year. According to Partners for Transparency (PFT), the Ministry of Supply, with 215 examples, and the Ministry of Local Authorities, with 127, alone accounted for around a …

Egypt’s new Cabinet: What changed and what didn’t?

A new Cabinet was sworn in under the leadership of Prime Minister Sherif Ismail on Saturday, after the resignation of Ibrahim Mehleb’s Cabinet last week amid allegations of corruption against former ministers.

What’s new in Egypt’s new Cabinet

On June 16, the office of the Egyptian prime minister announced the new makeup of the Cabinet — the first to be formally appointed and sworn in after Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the military general and former defense minister, was inaugurated as Egypt’s sixth president.