Thursday , 24 June 2021
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Justice Ministry to review anti-terrorism bill

Two controversial counter-terrorism bills are scheduled for review by the Justice Ministry, the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Monday. In addition to the judicial review, the interim government hopes to initiate greater social dialogue around the draft laws before finalizing them, according to president’s constitutional advisor, Ali Awad Saleh.

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The security state has returned to Egypt

It was reported in Al-Sabah newspaper that 575 soldiers who worked for Mubarak’s security state and were dismissed during the revolution, have been reinstated. I then read of a young man named Alaa Hawari from Sohag, who was protesting about the shortage of gas barrels for stoves and found himself …

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The Battle over Egypt’s Judiciary

Egypt’s elected Islamists have locked horns in a struggle with the judiciary that veers between full confrontation and guarded accommodation. Islamists’ concerns about the judiciary are not unfounded, but as the dominant political actors in the country today, the choice between confrontation and accommodation is largely theirs to make.

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President Morsy Should End Military Trials of Civilians

(New York) – In one of the first real tests of the powers of the civilian president since the military “handover to civilian authority,” President Mohamed Morsy should pardon all those convicted by military courts. He should also order an immediate end to military trials of civilians and refer those …

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