Thursday , 13 August 2020
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Egypt torture conference ‘kafkaesque horror’, says head of revolutionary council

Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council Maha Azzam has written to the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Jeria urging her to publicly condemn the regional conference on torture which will be held in Cairo at the beginning of September and will be co-hosted by the international body.

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Egypt court orders expert committee to study al-Warraq Island cases: Report

Egypt’s Administrative Court on Saturday ordered the formation of a tripartite committee from the Justice Ministry’s Experts Authority to study two cases filed by residents of al-Warraq Island against establishing a new urban community on the island.

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Judicial officials: Constitutional amendments final battleground in struggle for judicial independence

In a meeting with Middle Eastern and North African general prosecutors in Cairo on Wednesday, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi once again stressed the importance of judicial independence, asserting that “no one can interfere with the work of the judiciary.”

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