Monday , 30 January 2023
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‘Cemetery of the living’: Al-Araby TV documentary reveals horrific abuse in Egypt’s notorious Scorpion Prison

Hundreds, if not thousands, of political prisoners and detainees held at Egypt’s notorious Al-Aqrab prison have been subjected to maltreatment and inhumane conditions for years now, according a recent documentary film produced by the Al-Araby TV, the sister company of The New Arab.

Egypt’s prisons are hell. No ‘deep fake’ PR video can hide that

On October 28, Egypt’s Interior Ministry released a slick, heavily produced video showcasing a new state-of-the-art prison mega-complex. The Wadi El Natrun Correctional and Rehabilitation Center complex is supposed to replace 12 prisons that currently hold 25 percent of the country’s total estimated prison population of 114,000 – tens of …

Security arrests suspects of fabricating phone call between high-level officials over bribery

Egypt’s National Security Agency has arrested two suspects of impersonating two high-level officials and fabricating a phone call in which they negotiated illegal awarding of contracts of some major national projects to certain companies in exchange for a huge bribe, with the aim of defaming the Egyptian government.