Friday , 1 December 2023
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Egyptian camera bill stokes fears of surveillance state

While Egyptian officials argue that a new bill requiring restaurant and shop owners to install cameras will hinder terrorism and boost security, critics counter that the true targets are opponents of the government.

The Egyptian Regime’s Broadening Reach over Media

As the current regime in Egypt asserts its control over more spheres of politics and society, it is realizing the importance of spreading military morals as an ideology for all aspects of life, especially media and culture production. In addition to using the security apparatuses, the regime is also using civilian …

Activist Amal Fathy detained after posting Facebook video criticizing Egypt’s political crackdown, sexual harassment

Activist Amal Fathy was arrested by security forces in the early hours of Friday morning, along with her husband — head of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms Mohamed Lotfy — and their three-year-old son.