Monday , 30 January 2023
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Another two involved in Minya attack killed: police

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday in an official statement, that two other members who were involved in the Minya attack were killed. The Minya attack, previously resulted in the death of seven Egyptian Coptic Christian citizens, in the south of Cairo, early November.

New Egyptian panel will defend government, not human rights

Egypt will convene a committee next month tasked with responding to, and trying to counter, claims of human rights abuses against the often-accused country.

Mada Masr journalist subjected to extralegal security measures at Cairo airport, passport confiscated

Over the last several days, Mada Masr journalist Rana Mamdouh was subjected to a series of arbitrary security measures by Egyptian authorities, which Mada Masr’s lawyers and members of the Journalists Syndicate board have characterized as “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

Egypt rejects charging policemen suspected by Italy in Regeni case: SIS

Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS) on Sunday refused to charge the police officers suspected by the Italian prosecution of killing the Italian Cambridge University student Giulio Regeni, raising questions over his entering the country with a tourist visa.

Egypt frees 578 prisoners after presidential amnesty

Egypt’s interior ministry has released 578 prisoners who were offered amnesty or conditional pardons. The ministry said in a statement that the prison service has been examining prisoners’ files to determine those entitled to be pardoned and released prior to completing their sentences.