Sunday , 6 December 2020
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Egypt Faces International Condemnation Over EIPR Arrests

The Egyptian government has drawn the ire of the international human rights community after its controversial decision to arrest three staff members from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

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Crackdown on EIPR escalates with arrest of criminal justice director

In an escalating crackdown on one of Egypt’s leading human rights groups, National Security Agency officers arrested Karim Ennarah, the director of the criminal justice unit of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, at 2 pm on Wednesday while he was on vacation in Dahab in South Sinai and took …

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Egypt urges abiding by AU resolutions on reaching binding deal on GERD

The Egyptian ministers of foreign affairs and irrigation emphasized the need to reach a binding legal agreement on the filling and operation of Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam as per resolutions adopted during the relevant meetings of the African Union Bureau.

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Ex-Egypt politcial prisoner files lawsuit in Turkey against consular staff

A former Egyptian political prisoner has filed a lawsuit at the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office against consular officers at the Egyptian Consulate in Istanbul after they accused him of having a forged passport and tried to trap him in the building.

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