Tuesday , 1 December 2020
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Reporter’s arrest, abrupt release chills journalists in Egypt

When small, scattered protests calling for the resignation of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi erupted in several Egyptian towns and villages on Sept. 20 and continued for several days, Egypt’s largely pro-government media downplayed the unrest, painting it as a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy to stir chaos and sow division in the country.

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Egypt’s rising digital authoritarianism

Last week, an appeals court upheld the three-year sentence of Manar Samy, a young Egyptian woman charged with “inciting immorality and debauchery” for posting TikTok videos. Earlier, the appeal hearing of two other young female TikTok influencers, Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham, who were sentenced to two years in prison …

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Between the lines: Egypt’s censorship crackdown targets foreign book translations

Egypt’s National Centre for Translation (NCT), a state-run entity, has imposed strict new rules for translating books from foreign languages into Arabic, in a move described by Egypt’s cultural community and freedom of thought advocates as state censorship.

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‘Fear is overcoming me’: Egypt cracks down harder on media amid pandemic

When the editor-in-chief of Egypt’s most prominent investigative media outlet was arrested by security forces last month outside Cairo’s notorious Tora prison complex, Leena al-Deeb grabbed her phone to inform her best friend, a local journalist.

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