Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Why is Egypt attacking human rights groups?

The brave people who work to protect Egyptians from abuse are under aggressive and accelerating attack. The attackers come from the government, its proxies in the media, its security forces, and even elements of the supposedly independent judiciary. The goal is to neutralize the country’s human rights movement, creating an …

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‘It exists to demobilise opposition’: How Twitter fails Arabs

In this series of articles, Al Jazeera examines how Twitter in the Middle East has changed since the Arab Spring. Government talking points are being magnified through thousands of accounts during politically fraught times and silencing people on Twitter is only part of a large-scale effort by governments to stop human …

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Will government’s new rules control fake news or control Egyptian media?

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to upgrade media professionalism in Egypt. A short list would include some of the extraordinary incidents over the past few years, ranging from false reporting that Egypt had detained the commander of the US Sixth Fleet to scenes from the Apache Air Assault video game being presented as footage of Russian …

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Egypt: Threats to Human Rights Watch Staff

On May 28, 2019, Human Rights Watch released a report, “‘If You Are Afraid for Your Lives, Leave Sinai!’: Egyptian Security Forces and ISIS-Affiliate Abuses in North Sinai,” which details the serious abuses, including war crimes, Egyptian government forces and ISIS-affiliated militants have carried out in North Sinai.

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