Thursday , 7 December 2023

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Religious Elites and the Egyptian State: An Ongoing Tug of War

In March, the Egyptian Ministry of Justice announced that they had finalized a new personal status law that aimed to create a better balance between the rights of men and women. Alongside this announcement, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reiterated his call for an amendment of divorce laws.

Tantawi postpones return to Egypt to kickstart presidential bid after arrest of family members, supposed supporters

Facing the arrest of a number of his supporters and family members, Ahmed Tantawi, a former MP and Karama Party leader party who announced his bid for the 2024 presidential elections last month, said that he will postpone his return to Egypt to an undisclosed date later this week.

Parliament reviewing proposal to create new body to manage billions in seized funds, assets

Under a bill put together by the Cabinet and currently under review in the House of Representatives, billions of pounds worth of money and assets confiscated by the state could soon be transferred to a new entity that judicial sources and lawmakers told Mada Masr would distance the funds from …

World Report 2023: Rights Trends in Egypt

September 2022 marked one year since the Egyptian government launched the national human rights strategy, but authorities took few if any steps to ease the wholesale campaign of repression against critics or repeal any of the numerous laws that are routinely used to curtail basic freedoms. While authorities released hundreds …