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NGO: 1,250 forced disappearances in Egypt this year

Following months of cases circulating on social media and press, a local Egyptian NGO claims to have recorded 1,250 cases of forced disappearances in the first eight months of 2015, of individuals who have later resurfaced after a period of detention.

Despite deaths and rampant abuse allegations, rights council says all is well at Aqrab Prison

After visiting the notorious maximum-security Aqrab Prison to investigate accusations of abuse, on Thursday the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) claimed that such reports were exaggerated and that all the inmates were treated well. 

Mahmoud Hussein: Youth without youth in Egypt’s cells

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein was 18 years old when he wasarrested. . Today he has grown a little older, and wonders at what age he will possibly be released from prison. Like thousands of young political detainees in Egypt, Hussein’s fate remains unknown due to an excessively long period of pre-trial …

NCHR slams Brotherhood prisoners’ complaints on detention conditions

A delegation from the state-affiliated National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) visited Al-Aqrab Prison Wednesday, in response to several complaints by the families of prisoners regarding unacceptable conditions in detention.

Egyptians are left in the dark about secret abduction cases

Since May, the hashtag #Al-Ikhtifa_al-Qasri_Garima (#Forced_Disappearance_Is_A_Crime) has been filling social media pages, and blogs are documenting forced disappearance and arrests of young adults as part of security campaigns that started in May in Cairo and in other governorates. Over three months have passed without knowing the detention place or details about the victims.  

Detainees are being subjected to a very slow death in Egypt’s prisons .

“A prisoner has met his death inside prison or inside such police station due to overcrowding/intense heat/medical carelessness.” This has been more or less routine in news reports in recent weeks which have witnessed the death of scores of political and criminal prisoners as a result of deliberate carelessness and …

When murder becomes a national project

While some in Egypt were celebrating the new Suez Canal bypass, Egyptian security forces were reportedly “eliminating” five citizens in Fayyum, southwest of Cairo. It has been claimed the deceased were members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood.