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NCHR’s favorable review of al-Aqrab prison sparks controversy

“There is no systematic torture in Egyptian prisons,” said the head of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), Mohamed Fayeq, following a recent visit by council members to al-Aqrab Prison, Egypt’s most famous high-security prison facility and one section of the Tora prisons’ complex, south of Cairo.

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NGO: 1,250 forced disappearances in Egypt this year

Following months of cases circulating on social media and press, a local Egyptian NGO claims to have recorded 1,250 cases of forced disappearances in the first eight months of 2015, of individuals who have later resurfaced after a period of detention.

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Mahmoud Hussein: Youth without youth in Egypt’s cells

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein was 18 years old when he wasarrested. . Today he has grown a little older, and wonders at what age he will possibly be released from prison. Like thousands of young political detainees in Egypt, Hussein’s fate remains unknown due to an excessively long period of pre-trial …

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Egyptians are left in the dark about secret abduction cases

Since May, the hashtag #Al-Ikhtifa_al-Qasri_Garima (#Forced_Disappearance_Is_A_Crime) has been filling social media pages, and blogs are documenting forced disappearance and arrests of young adults as part of security campaigns that started in May in Cairo and in other governorates. Over three months have passed without knowing the detention place or details about the victims.  

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How the Egyptian army primed soldiers to kill protesters

Many Egyptians find it hard to understand how their countrymen in the army and police could take part in a brutal act like the violent breakup of the sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adawiyah and al-Nahdah squares.

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