Friday , 22 October 2021
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Deaths in Egyptian prisons have trebled in the last three years .

Ayah El-Ghandour says that her father was murdered. Arrested and taken from his home in the middle of the night Dr Tarek El-Ghandour was everything that the Egyptian regime despises: anti-government, anti-regime ideology, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and professor of dermatology and venereal diseases at Ain Shams University, an …

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The disappearance of Amr Ali

Last month, the leader of one of Egypt’s best known opposition movements disappeared. Amr Ali, 32, was taken from his home in Shebeen el-Kom in the Menoufia governorate north of Cairo at around 5pm on 22 September. Amr is the head of the April 6 Youth Movement, a group that was …

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Retired army, police vie for seats in parliament

A remarkable number of former army and police officers are running as independent public figures within the 12 electoral lists competing for 120 seats in the October 18 parliamentary elections.

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