Monday , 25 January 2021
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Police raid Masr al-Arabia office, detain editor in chief in connection to election coverage fine

Police raided the office of the privately owned Masr al-Arabia website on Tuesday evening, detaining and transporting Editor in Chief Adel Sabri to Dokki Police Station, according to Mohamed Mounir, a journalist with the publication.

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Egypt fines newspaper for ‘critical coverage of elections’

An Egyptian newspaper has been fined 150,000 Egyptian pounds ($8,527) by Egypt’s media regulatory body and is being investigated over a front-page report it published saying the state rallied voters to participate in the presidential election.

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No appeals filed against results of polling stations: NEC

Spokesperson of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Mahmoud El-Sherif said that no appeals were submitted by any of the candidates against reports released by electoral stations that witnessed the three days of the 2018 Egyptian presidential election.

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We will hold media accountable for publishing rumours about election: NEC

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) will hold any media outlet accountabile for publishing any false information about the 2018 presidential election, said the commission’s head, Lasheen Ibrahim, during a press conference on Wednesday, the third day of the election.

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