Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Upper Egypt development law shifts attention from Nubians’ constitutional right to return

“Economic development” is planned to be coming to Upper Egypt after Parliament approved legislation on Tuesday that makes provisions for the creation of a public service authority tasked with putting together a comprehensive plan toward that end.

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Wave of arrests in Egypt sends alarming message at start of Sisi’s second term

Dozens of politicians, writers and human rights activists were attacked June 5 by unknown assailants at the iftar dinner party for the breaking of the daily fast during Ramadan organized by the Civil Democratic Movement. The assailants crashed the iftar at the Swiss Club in Cairo and overturned the dinner tables while chanting “Traitors! Spies!”

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Parliament passes cybercrime law regulating web content and ISP surveillance

Egypt’s cybercrime law, which has been under discussion for a number of months, was approved by Parliament on Tuesday. It is the first piece of Egyptian legislation to regulate what is published on social media and web censorship, and includes harsh penalties for crimes including piracy and hacking.

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Civil Society from Alexandria to Aswan: Survival Strategies

One year ago, President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi ratified an NGO law that codified repression of civil society in Egypt. While the state’s antipathy toward civil society was nothing new, the passage of the NGO Law allowed Sisi to accomplish one of the primary objectives of his first presidential term: to …

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Egypt’s draft labour law to establish new courts to expedite adjudication

The labour committee of parliament concluded a discussion on the new draft labour law which includes 276 articles. It provides each profession an official framework and entity. The draft law was referred to the general session and is pending discussion and approval. Meanwhile, internal elections of Egyptian trade unions started …

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Egyptian camera bill stokes fears of surveillance state

While Egyptian officials argue that a new bill requiring restaurant and shop owners to install cameras will hinder terrorism and boost security, critics counter that the true targets are opponents of the government.

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