Thursday , 7 December 2023
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The Egyptian Regime’s Broadening Reach over Media

As the current regime in Egypt asserts its control over more spheres of politics and society, it is realizing the importance of spreading military morals as an ideology for all aspects of life, especially media and culture production. In addition to using the security apparatuses, the regime is also using civilian …

Women ready to run for office in Egypt

Egypt has yet to pass a law needed to hold local elections, but hundreds of women will not be wallflowers waiting for an invitation to run for office. Thanks to an initiative dubbed “The Councils Are Ours,” potential candidates will be prepared when the elections are finally held for the first time in eight years.

Chief editor of Masr al-Arabia kept in detention pending National Security investigations

Dokki Prosecution determined on Wednesday to keep the chief editor of the privately owned Masr al-Arabia website, Adel Sabry, in detention until further National Security Authority (NSA) investigations are conducted.

Egypt fines newspaper for ‘critical coverage of elections’

An Egyptian newspaper has been fined 150,000 Egyptian pounds ($8,527) by Egypt’s media regulatory body and is being investigated over a front-page report it published saying the state rallied voters to participate in the presidential election.