Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Heavy security deployed across Egypt to secure constitutional referendum

Egypt’s Interior Ministry security services have deployed wide-ranging security plans in Greater Cairo and across Egypt’s governorates alongside the start of the constitutional amendments referendum, in order secure the electoral headquarters and roads and address any attempts to obstruct the electoral process.

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National Referendum on Constitutional Amendments to Take Place from Saturday to Monday

President of the National Elections Authority (NEA) Lasheen Ibrahim announced on Wednesday that the national referendum on the constitutional amendments will take place from April 20 Saturday to Monday in Egypt, and from April 19 Friday to Sunday for Egyptians abroad.

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Database of Egyptians expats to serve all state institutions: Immigration minister

Egypt’s Immigration and Expatriates Affairs Minister Nabila Makram said Monday that all state institutions have the right to benefit from the database of Egyptian expatriates living abroad once it is completed, in order to serve public interest.

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The Egyptian Regime’s Broadening Reach over Media

As the current regime in Egypt asserts its control over more spheres of politics and society, it is realizing the importance of spreading military morals as an ideology for all aspects of life, especially media and culture production. In addition to using the security apparatuses, the regime is also using civilian …

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