Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Egypt’s elections under the spotlight by observation missions

Less than 48 hours before Egyptians go to the polls to choose their 2015 legislature, international elections observer Democracy International (DI) announced that “some visas for accredited core team members and short-term observers had not been issued and that most visas have not been issued for the duration necessary to …

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Egyptians prepare for elections … but do they really matter?

Egypt’s 2015 parliamentary makeup is taking shape as elections officially get underway to form a long-awaited Council of Representatives. This achievement, seen as the electoral culmination of a road map announced July 3, 2013, is taking place in the absence of most of the post-January 2011 revolution political and partisan figures, who gradually disappeared …

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Administrative court decides on parliamentary candidatures

he Egyptian Administrative Court has issued decisions on parliamentary candidates on Monday, amid the legal procedures set by the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC) for the upcoming elections. For nearly a week, the court has looked into parliament-related lawsuits, after which the SEC is supposed to declare the candidates.

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Parliamentary elections risk further postponement

State Council-affiliated committee of senior judges advocated for the unconstitutionality of the Health Ministry’s demand for fees to medically examine candidates who had already undergone the tests when the application door was first opened in February.

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