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Shubra El-Kheima’s abused lawyers seek justice, demand police reform

nsults, arrests, assaults, shootings, and even torture to death are a few examples of what Egyptian lawyers have endured under the current police system. In the end, a few words from ministerial officials are enough to overshadow the seriousness of police brutality towards holders of such a prestigious and ‘hectic’ …

NGO: 1,250 forced disappearances in Egypt this year

Following months of cases circulating on social media and press, a local Egyptian NGO claims to have recorded 1,250 cases of forced disappearances in the first eight months of 2015, of individuals who have later resurfaced after a period of detention.

Mahmoud Hussein: Youth without youth in Egypt’s cells

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein was 18 years old when he wasarrested. . Today he has grown a little older, and wonders at what age he will possibly be released from prison. Like thousands of young political detainees in Egypt, Hussein’s fate remains unknown due to an excessively long period of pre-trial …

Badie receives latest life sentence from Egypt court

A Cairo court has sentenced Mohamed Badie, the spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and 18 other prominent Brotherhood figures to life in prison over an attack on a police station in 2013. At least five people were killed in the attack on the police station in the coastal city of Port …