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Nadeem Center Issues New Report on Interior Ministry Violations Amid Government-Ordered Closure

Despite the order last month by Egyptian authorities to shut down the NGO Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, the Center published a new report on Monday documenting human rights violations carried out by the Interior Ministry throughout February.

Nadeem Center: Egypt’s security forces killed 474 people in 2015

Almost 500 people died at the hands of Egypt’s security forces and over 600 people were tortured while in detention in 2015, the Al-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence reported on Sunday.

Interior Ministry issues report on human rights initiatives

Amid growing concerns about the state of human rights in Egypt, the Ministry of Interior published a report Saturday concerning the actions it has taken to address the issue in 2015.

The hidden world of militant ‘special committees’

“I wanted to live through the military coup. Now, after all I’ve seen, I think I must have been mad.” Thus Youssef —not his real name — began our interview. For him, everything changed on the dawn of Wednesday, August 14, 2013, the day the Rabea al-Adaweyya sit-in was dispersed …

Military spokesperson urges police to treat people well to combat terrorism

Military spokesperson Mohamed Samir held a meeting with central security forces on Wednesday, in which he warned them of the conspiracies against Egypt and asserted the best way to counter them is by treating people well and not allowing divisions to occur in society, local media reported.

I am talking about all of us: A letter from prison

Two hundred days ago, security forces stormed a house in Santa (a district in Gharbiya Governorate) after midnight on May 24. They arrested a young man called Nour Khalil, a college student. He was led out of the house before security returned to arrest his father and his brother Islam, a sales …