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North Sinai residents under siege: Home demolitions and security sweeps on the rise in Arish, motorcycles banned in Bir al-Abd

Security forces have expanded the house demolitions of alleged terrorism suspects following a spate of attacks on security checkpoints in residential areas in Arish in late June. According to residents, the homes of several wanted suspects in the al-Salayma and al-Safa neighborhoods were recently destroyed. Some of the homes had …

‘It exists to demobilise opposition’: How Twitter fails Arabs

In this series of articles, Al Jazeera examines how Twitter in the Middle East has changed since the Arab Spring. Government talking points are being magnified through thousands of accounts during politically fraught times and silencing people on Twitter is only part of a large-scale effort by governments to stop human …

Militants step up Sinai strikes on security personnel, civilians

Recent terror attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula have security forces on guard, especially as the country hosts the Africa Cup of Nations soccer competition, which is expected to draw some 50,000 tourists to six locations in Egypt this year. Security is a sensitive subject with Egyptian officials, and multiple deadly Sinai attacks in June …

‘Most Wanted’ Terrorist Hesham Ashmawi Extradited to Egypt from Libya

Hesham Ashmawi, one of Egypt’s most wanted terrorists, was extradited to Egypt from Libya on Tuesday night following a meeting earlier in the day between Libyan National Army (LNA) General Khalifa Haftar and Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) chief General Abbas Kamel.