Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Court refers Libyan terrorist to Egypt’s Grand Mufti for involvement in Wahat clashes

The Military Criminal Court on Sunday referred Libyan terrorist Abdel Rahem Mohammed al-Mesmary’s case to Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawky Allam, to gather his religious opinion on executing Mesmary for his involvement in the “Al-Wahat Incident”, which left 16 police officers dead.

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Egypt’s new high-tech border security system in place

The Egyptian armed forces announced Sept. 2 the completion of the last phase of a border security system as part of a “new monitoring system” for the Border Guard Forces. According to the armed forces, the system would allow all members of the Border Guard Forces to monitor border security in …

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Egypt’s police forces kill group of militants in North Sinai

A group of militants were killed on Sunday in North Sinai after engaging in violent clashes with police forces, according to a statement from Egypt’s Interior Ministry. Information about the presence of the group of militants in the Gilbana area of North Sinai was available before clashes.

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