Sunday , 7 March 2021
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Egypt dodges Trump’s ire as White House orders massive last-minute aid cuts

US military aid to Egypt, Jordan and Israel was explicitly excluded from a list of deep cuts to domestic and foreign spending ordered by the White House in a last-minute sign of outgoing President Donald Trump’s frustration with last month’s omnibus spending package.

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Egypt’s private sector is squeezed by the army’s hold over the economy

The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Dr Mohamed Maait, has confirmed that the country is set to witness a greater role for the private sector in economic development, as it is the engine of growth. The government has an increasing interest in opening new development opportunities that will enhance private sector …

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Portion of US military aid to Egypt conditioned on release of political prisoners

For the first time, the United States Congress has made disbursement of military aid to Egypt conditional on the release of political prisoners without providing the US State Department the option to waive the conditions in the interests of US national security.

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Trump slams Washington’s $1.3bn military aid to Egypt

US President Donald Trump criticised a piece of legislation approved by Congress that lumps Covid-19 relief aid along with the entirety of the government’s spending for the upcoming year, and accused Egypt of planning to use American aid to purchase Russian military equipment.

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