Thursday , 24 June 2021
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Egypt ‘summarily executes’ 18 arbitrarily detained civilians in Sinai, in ‘IS campaign’

Locals in Egypt‘s restive Sinai province are calling on authorities to immediately release the names and photographs of suspected Islamic State militants killed on Sunday, amid reports that the operation is a cover-up for the summary execution of prisoners held under arbitrary arrest.

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Relinquishing the Driver’s Seat: Egypt’s military has allowed civilians to lead the coronavirus response, but some things are troubling.

For well over a month after the World Health Organization warned that the “whole world needs to be on alert” to fight the new coronavirus, the Egyptian authorities denied that the country was at risk.

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A double curfew and a brush with the coronavirus: No COVID-19 cases recorded in North Sinai

The coastal road through the governorate of North Sinai is approximately 150 kilometers long. That is how far the new coronavirus traveled across the peninsula, carried by two people en route to Gaza who were quarantined when they entered the Strip.

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