Friday , 22 November 2019

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Stray bullets, explosions and car collisions continue to claim lives in North Sinai

Stray bullets, explosions and car collisions at security checkpoints continue to plague residents of North Sinai, while security officials are targeted by snipers. Meanwhile, the city of al-Arish has been suffering from a severe water crisis, and Sheikh Zuwayed is plagued by frequent power outages.

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North Sinai: An assassination, a kidnapping, a security alert and continued bans on goods

Throughout the last week in North Sinai, Province of Sinai, an Islamic State affiliate in the peninsula, claimed responsibility for the assassination of two brothers near Rafah and the kidnapping of another man in Bir al-Abd. Meanwhile, staunch security measures continue in other cities across the region.

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Pentagon pushes Egypt to fight counterinsurgency campaign in Sinai

In his first meeting with a Middle East nation since his confirmation as defense secretary, Mark Esper pressed his Egyptian counterpart this week to wage a counterinsurgency-style fight in the Sinai Peninsula.

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North Sinai residents under siege: Home demolitions and security sweeps on the rise in Arish, motorcycles banned in Bir al-Abd

Security forces have expanded the house demolitions of alleged terrorism suspects following a spate of attacks on security checkpoints in residential areas in Arish in late June. According to residents, the homes of several wanted suspects in the al-Salayma and al-Safa neighborhoods were recently destroyed. Some of the homes had …

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