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North Sinai residents under siege: Home demolitions and security sweeps on the rise in Arish, motorcycles banned in Bir al-Abd

Security forces have expanded the house demolitions of alleged terrorism suspects following a spate of attacks on security checkpoints in residential areas in Arish in late June. According to residents, the homes of several wanted suspects in the al-Salayma and al-Safa neighborhoods were recently destroyed. Some of the homes had …

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Israeli ‘solution’ for Gaza includes massive military offensive and move to Sinai

Two Israeli officials have proposed a “solution” for the Gaza Strip which includes another massive military offensive against the enclave and moving the Palestinians to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, reported on Sunday. The end of the government led by Mahmoud Abbas is also suggested in a report published by the …

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Egypt won’t give up ‘one grain of sand from Sinai,’ insists foreign minister

Egypt will not renounce one grain of sand from the lands of the Sinai, the Egyptian foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, said yesterday. Shoukry’s remarks were Cairo’s first comment on the US-led Middle East deal, dubbed “Deal of the Century.”

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Head of Sinai Reconstruction Authority speaks about development in Sinai

Mohsen Hamed, the CEO of the Sinai Reconstruction Authority, a government body responsible for implementing development projects in the Sinai Peninsula, said that the Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 will contribute significantly to a qualitative leap in development in this region. He clarified that the state is funding development projects in Sinai along with …

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TIMEP Brief: Sinai Tribes in Egypt’s War on Terror

Egypt’s war on terror has intersected in many ways with the engagement of Sinai’s Bedouin tribespeople, who number about 250,000 in the region: Bedouin have been not only the victims and perpetrators of terror violence in the province but active participants in combating it.

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