Wednesday , 6 December 2023

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9 detained in North Sinai as tribespeople demand their lands after years of displacement

Nine people were arrested in North Sinai this week, after members of the Armed Forces made arrests and fired live ammunition to break up crowds of people from the Roumailat and Sawarka tribes who had gathered on Monday in several villages in Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed to demand the right …

Israel’s ‘accidental’ strike on Egypt met with doubts

The official narrative in which an Israeli tank “accidentally” hit an Egyptian military post on the border with Israel over the weekend has been met with doubts in Egypt as Israel ramps up a non-stop, deadly and indiscriminate bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip for the third consecutive week.

Strikes on Gaza border alarm Egypt as Rafah crossing closed

Egypt on Tuesday moved to prevent a mass exodus from the besieged Gaza Strip into its Sinai Peninsula as Israeli bombardment prevented crossing at the Rafah border crossing, which is the Palestinian enclave’s main exit point, Gaza officials and Egyptian security sources said.

Sinai prepares for potential massive humanitarian fallout as Israel prepares escalation on Gaza

Hospitals, schools, food suppliers and gas stations in North Sinai are making preparations to deal with the massive potential humanitarian fallout from Gaza as Israel sets out plans for an escalation against Palestinians inside the besieged strip.