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How was kidnapped police officer Mohamed Al-Haies freed?

With news being circulated regarding the rescue of the missing police officer Mohamed al-Haies, who had been taken hostage for 11 days by militants following clashes with police forces in the al-Wahat al-Baheira area, many questions are being raised regarding how the rescue operation was conducted.

Leaked documents show 12 torture tactics practiced by Egypt’s national security .

A letter written by a detainee in one of Egypt’s notorious detention centres in Fayoum and smuggled out of an underground cell has provided detailed information on 12 torture tactics used by Egyptian national security guards. The leaked letter, obtained by Rassd news site, has been dubbed “a letter from …

Extra-judicial execution? The story of the Fayoum Five

On 6 August, President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi stood by the banks of the new $8bn Suez Canal channel, and spoke to world leaders, television cameras, and the Egyptian people. President Al-Sisi spoke of how the nation constructed its “gift to the world for the sake of humanity”, working while the “powers …