Saturday , 2 December 2023

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Crackdown on Egypt’s Mada Masr continues over Gaza report

The crackdown on press freedom continues in Egypt, a country ranked as the world’s third-worst jailer of journalists, as the Supreme Council for Media Regulation has suspended the Cairo-based news outlet Mada Masr on Sunday for six months over allegedly “operating without a license, publishing fabricated news and inflicting harm …

US dollar value in Egypt’s black market rises amid Gaza war

The value of the US dollar against the local currency in the Egyptian informal market skyrocketed over the past two weeks, a major blow to the country’s already ailing economy, and the increase is believed to be a direct consequence of the ongoing deadly Israeli war on the neighbouring besieged …

Egypt in the Cauldron of Gaza

The Egyptian public is outraged by the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the potential ground offensive. Government-sanctioned protests on behalf of the Palestinians have, in the past, served as opportunities to express ordinarily stifled dissent against the Egyptian government itself—and they could do so again.