Friday , 30 July 2021
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‘Incomprehensible’: Analysts cast doubt on Egypt referendum’s high turnout

Egypt observers and analysts have expressed serious doubts over the higher-than-normal turnout figures announced by the country’s electoral authority, adding to reports of vote buying and the overall climate of repression that surrounded the vote that ended on Monday.

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Egypt’s Invisible Executions

On February 20, Egyptian authorities carried out the executions of nine defendants accused of assassinating Egyptian General Prosecutor Hisham Barakat, prompting international accusations that their trials were unfair and that torture was used to extract confessions.

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Probation: The (illegal) half-life created by nights inside a police station

Ahmed Maher is living his life in half days. His day starts at 6 am, when the doors of his cell inside the Qattamiya Police Station open. Then everything has to move double quick — he rushes to catch up with whatever he can: work, education, family, friends — because …

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Constitutional amendments submitted to Parliament could allow Sisi to stay in power until 2034

A proposal to amend a host of constitutional articles — including presidential term limits — has been submitted to Parliament, Ali Abdel Aal, the legislature’s speaker, announced on Sunday during a general assembly meeting.

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Egypt media told to keep silent on parliament arrangements to amend Constitution

Sources from the Egyptian parliament revealed that there are strict instructions issued by the intelligence officer in charge of the presidency, to newspaper editors and television hosts not to discuss under any circumstances the constitution amendments, which the Egyptian parliament intends to make to extend the mandate of Egyptian President …

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Egypt: Photos point to extrajudicial killings following Giza attack

Photos have emerged showing a man shot dead in what appears to be an extrajudicial killing by Egyptian authorities, casting doubt on Egypt’s claim that it executed “terrorists” following Friday’s deadly attack.

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