Saturday , 4 April 2020
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Cairo Index: Measuring Violence in Egypt

This Index pertains to terrorist operations and acts of violence witnessed by Egypt during the period extending from 30 June 2013 through October 2015 and are based on reviewing and analyzing the most prominent acts of armed violence and terrorist operations committed in the country. This is achieved by combining …

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Interior Ministry discloses whereabouts of 118 forcibly disappeared people: NCHR

The Interior Ministry disclosed the whereabouts of 118 people who were allegedly subjected to forced disappearances in response to an inquiry by the National Council for Human Rights, said NCHR Chairman Mohamed Faeq in a press statement.

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NCHR to file complaint against Ministry of Interior over prison inspection limits

Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) will file a complaint against the Ministry of Interior over banning the council delegation to carry out full inspection at a maximum-security prison of the Scorpion in Torah Prison Complex in south Cairo, said NCHR member Kamal Abbas Wednesday evening. The Prison Sector …

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Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections: Setting the Record Straight

n Sunday 10 January 2016, Egypt’s new Parliament was sworn in, completing the final phase of the political “Road Map” envisioned by representatives of various Egyptian political currents. This is an important milestone for Egypt, after a period of political turmoil, and one that has been welcomed by the vast …

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Geneina under fire after corruption accusations

ead of the Central Auditing Organisation (CAO) Hisham Geneina  has come under heavy criticism following the presidential committee’s report, which censured Geneina for the press statements he made at the end of 2015 on the value of money lost due to state corruption, in which he reportedly estimated that it exceeded …

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