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How to use Marsad

User Guide

What can I find on Marsad?

Marsad gathers news items, analyses and reports relevant to Egyptian security sector governance (SSG) and security sector reform (SSR) in Arabic and English.

What categories of information can I find on Marsad?

Marsad visitors can select among three categories of information:

  • Press articles published on Egyptian and international websites
  • Opinions & Analyses pieces written by Egyptian and international commentators
  • Reports issued by local and international civil society organisations involved in security sector governance and reform.

In addition to these categories, Marsad contains audio and video files which improves the experience of our visitors.

What actors are covered by Marsad ?

Marsad collects news and information related to the six main actors in Egyptian security sector governance and reform. These six main actors are sorted in the concentric circle scheme on the right hand side of the site. It is possible to click on each to read the related information. These six actors are:

  • Core security & justice providers
  • Executive authorities
  • Legislative oversight bodies
  • Judicial authorities
  • Civil society and media

How can Marsad visitors refine their search?

Marsad users can refine their search in the following ways:

  • If you have selected a type of information, click on any of the actors to refine your search.
  • If you have selected an actor in the security sector, click on the type of information you want to access.

Can I post comments on Marsad?

No. You can however discuss the articles via our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts.