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Egyptian Policeman Kills Two Israeli Tourists in Alexandria

An Egyptian policeman shot and killed two Israeli tourists and an Egyptian in the Serapeum of Alexandria area of Alexandria, local sources confirmed.

The policeman shot and fired from his personal weapon, causing the death of two members of an Israeli tourist group and one Egyptian, as well as the injury of one other member of the public.

The policeman has been arrested and investigations have commenced.

According to Israeli news sources, the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council, the Israel Defense Forces, and the Israeli Embassy in Cairo are working together to bring the deceased tourists back to Israel.

“The morning during a tourist visit of a group of Israelis in Alexandria, Egypt, a local opened fire on them, as a result of which two Israeli citizens and the local Egyptian guide were murdered,” the Ministry said.

“In addition, there are wounded Israelis in moderate condition,” it added.

A video has been circulating on social media depicting the aftermath scenes following the attack, showcasing at least three ambulances rushing to the scene, with bystanders from the police.

There is no statement by the Egyptian government thus far.

At least a million Israelis visit Egypt each year for tourism. In particular, the Sinai has been a top destination for Israeli vacationers since 1982, following the Camp David Accords — which are political agreements signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin — due to its proximity to Israel and affordability.

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