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Kuwait calls on Egypt to investigate ‘assault’ on students

Kuwait’s ministry of foreign affairs called on Sunday for the Egyptian authorities to investigate an “assault” on a number of Kuwaiti students by security personnel at a mall in the northern city of Alexandria. The demand came a day after the Kuwaiti parliament demanded that the Gulf State’s ambassador should be called back from Cairo in protest.

According to the ministry, the incident took place on Saturday when the security personnel intervened to stop a quarrel that broke out within a group of Kuwaiti students but ended up assaulting them instead.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mansour Al-Otaibi has conveyed to the Egyptian ambassador in Kuwait his country’s dismay over the incident. He called on the Egyptian authorities to investigate the incident and hold the perpetrators to account. Cairo, he added, “Should take necessary measures to deter such unacceptable behaviour that does not reflect the fraternal relations between Kuwait and Egypt.”

The Egyptian authorities had not responded to a request for a comment at the time of writing.

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