Tuesday , 6 December 2022
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Egypt bans child labour

The Egyptian Senate, yesterday, ratified a draft law that prohibits child labour before a child reaches the age of 15.

Local media reported that the Bill was allowing “child training at the age of 14, on a condition of not impeding the child’s schooling.”

Legal sources told the media that the law was obliging “every employer who employs a child under the age of 16 to provide an ID that contains the minor’s photo and the type of work they do.”

The sources added that the ID must be “approved, stamped and sealed by a competent administrative authority.”

The draft law also stipulated that the employed child “must not work more than six hours a day”, stressing that the working hours should include “one or more breaks for eating and resting, bearing in mind that the breaks must amount to one hour, in total.”

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