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Tunisian politician accuses Egypt of spreading false rumours

Jawhar bin Mubarak, a former adviser to the Tunisian prime minister, has accused the Egyptian intelligence services of creating rumours targeting Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi, in a post published on his Facebook account.

“The smear campaigns are intense, the tabloids are spreading incredible myths created by the General Intelligence Service against Rached Ghannouchi ​and the rabble dance,” Mubarak wrote.

“A very dumb MP attacks the People’s Movement with trivial fabrications without morals, and the rabble dance. A racist pretending to be a media figure attacks fellow patriot Mohamed el-Hamdi and defames him using debased allegations and the rabble dance. The rabble is narrow-minded; they love to dance on the sounds of fake drums played by dervishes.”

Ghannouchi’s Ennahda movement recently announced the filing of a complaint against media outlets that circulated rumours alleging that he had gained billions of dollars from arms deals and smuggling.

The parliamentary presidency also denied rumours circulating online saying that Ghannouchi was suffering from health problems and had been transferred to the military hospital.

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