Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Egypt parliament includes hostile news portals into terrorist entities law

The Egyptian parliament’s Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee agreed to widen the scope of entities labeled as terrorists to include hostile television channels involved in promoting violence and terrorist activities.

On Monday’s session, parliament discussed the  new amendments in order to broaden the scope of terrorist entities to include Muslim Brotherhood-linked television channels, radio stations, and social media accounts, which are involved in inciting violence and terrorism, as well as being involved in funding terrorist activities and operations.

According to article one of the 2015 law, any organisation, group, and news portal involved in inciting violence and terrorism, would be added on the list of entities designated as terrorist. The list will also include radio stations and social media accounts, including channels established by individuals, companies, or institutions.

By the law, any individual defined as terrorist will be stripped of all forms of government subsidies, primarily food subsidies, as well as losing all kinds of public memberships, including those in professional syndicates, boards of companies, sporting clubs, and unions.

The individuals listed as terrorists will also be stripped of passports and barred from assuming public posts or joining parliament.

Meanwhile, the assets owned, either directly or indirectly, by any terrorist entity will be frozen. These assets could be financial or economic resources such as oil or natural resources, as well as all forms of property, documents, legal tools, national or foreign currency, financial or commercial securities, tourist and banking cheques, documentary credit, and all returns or profits generated by all these assets or others.

For the entities declared as terrorist, any form of promotion will be banned and incriminated, in addition to banning any activities by these entities such as gathering money or holding meetings or having offices.

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