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Egypt’s counter-terrorism efforts paid off: Dar al-Iftaa Observatory

Egypt’s counter-terrorism and extremism efforts have reaped fruit, as the country was dropped out of the list of countries most affected by terrorism in 2019, said the Observatory for Monitoring Takfiri Fatwas and Extremist Ideologies at Dar al-Ifta.

According to the terrorism index of the Center for Peace and Economy, one of the major research centers concerned with monitoring terrorism indicators around the world, Egypt’s name was taken off the list.

The observatory stressed that the report, issued by one of the major research institutions in the world, proves the success of Egypt’s efforts during the past 5 year to drain the sources of terrorism, and eliminate terrorist elements and organizations that have spread across Egypt since 2013.

“It is also an international testimony to the success of the comprehensive operation launched by the state in February 2018 to defeat the forces of terrorism and extremism in border governorates such as North Sinai. The impact of the operation was felt throughout the country,” added the observatory.

The observatory further explained that terrorist acts in Egypt have dramatically declined, where the terror victims decreased by 90 percent, compared to 2017, “which ensures that security and military efforts have reaped fruit, and succeeded in protecting souls and properties, eliminating terror hideouts, and thwarting malignant schemes.”

Furthermore, the observatory stressed the need for the security forces to continue confronting terrorist elements and organizations. It also signaled the importance of societal support for the efforts and sacrifices of the army and police forces to defend the country and its people, and purge the country off Takfiri elements that target the homeland and citizens’ security.

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