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Court sentences two of “Warraq Cell” defendants to 15 years in prison

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced on Saturday two defendants in case Number 846 of 2015, known as the “Al-Warraq Cell” to 15 years in prison for each defendant.

The court was held in Tora and headed by Judge Raafat Zaki.

The Public Prosecutor accused the defendants, and others -who had already been sentenced- of forming a terrorist group, aiming to prevent state institutions and public authorities from carrying out their duties, attacking police forces and state bodies, and using terrorism to carry out criminal actions.

According to the statement of the prosecution, the terrorist cell was formed in January 2015, in Al-Warraq region.

The prosecution’s charges to the defendants included the possession of both firearms and ammunition without a lisense.

Meanwhile, the Giza Criminal Court gave Mohamed Gad the death penalty in the case known as the ‘Imbaba terrorist cell’. This is a retrial of the defendant and the court affirmed the verdict after consulting the Grand Mufti.  

The Imbaba terrorist cell case included 16 defendants charged of threatening the state’s institutions and attacking security forces. Ten of the defendants were sentenced to death, while five others were sentenced to a life sentence, and another case expired after a defendant’s death.

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