Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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National leaders demand release of activists in Algeria and Egypt

Leaders of the Arab National Congress called on the Algerian and Egyptian authorities to release recently arrested national leaders.

Former Secretary-General of the Arab National Congress, Maan Bashour, expressed his solidarity, Tuesday, with the former leader of the Algerian National Liberation FrontLakhḍar Būruqʻah, who is on hunger strike in his prison.

“After more than three months of detention because of an opinion he had expressed, the 86-year-old great Mujahid, Lakhḍar Būruqʻah, declared a hunger strike. Let the free Algerians support a struggler who fought for the liberation of their country … Let the free people of the nation support a struggler who did not give up one of the issues of the nation for a single day… and let the free people of the world support a prisoner of conscience, whose only guilt was expressing his opinion boldly,” said Bashour.

He said that “Būruqʻah has never been a member of the French party but has always resisted it. Būruqʻah has never been engaged with corruption. He has never offended his country, but he has been one of its most sincere defenders.”

“Let all of us raise our voices: freedom for Būruqʻah… and victory for Algeria,” added Bashour.

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