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Ayman Nour reviews developments of initiative of national dialogue to save Egypt

The leader of the Ghad Al-Thawra (Tomorrow’s Revolution) and former Egyptian presidential candidate, Ayman Nour, announced a second consultative meeting on a national dialogue to save Egypt. This follows his previous initiative which he launched on 24 April through Arabi21’s platform, in the presence of Egyptian political figures and oppositionists abroad.

Nour explained in exclusive statements to Arabi21 that the consultative meeting, entitled “Where is Egypt heading? Workshop”, was held last Friday, in Istanbul, and discussed the latest developments of the national dialogue to save Egypt. Thus, the workshop finally approved the formation of different working groups that would initiate its activities in the coming days.

According to Nour, five specialised working groups were formed, each headed by the political group. He also stressed the preparation of a national declaration, which is a committee designed to identify and consult on the issues under discussion. Thus, the standards to join the committee were related to academic and scientific expertise in politics or law.

Nour explained that among the tasks of the political group is to: “study previous national declarations and draw up what can be dealt with and what can be added following the developments of the Egyptian political and regional scene. Hence, the committee is assigned to develop a proposal for a national declaration which will be presented to the participants in the national dialogue.”

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