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Some 90% of Egyptians Approve Extension of Sisi’s Presidential Term – Official

Voters in a national referendum in Egypt supported by a majority vote the amendments to the country’s constitution, which included the extension of incumbent President Abdel Fattah Sisi’s presidential term, National Elections Commission chairman Lashin Ibrahim said Tuesday.

“A total of 88.33 percent of voters supported the amendments. Turnout was 44.33 percent,” he said at a press conference in Cairo.

The vote in Egypt’s referendum on amending the country’s constitution, which opens the way for Sisi to remain on his post until 2030 and expands his powers, ended on Monday. Amendments enter into force immediately after the announcement of the results of the national referendum.

The referendum was held after the Egyptian parliament passed by a corresponding bill on changes to the constitution. The amendments envisage increasing the president’s term from four years to six, creating an upper house of parliament, which is currently unicameral, and granting the president the right to appoint vice presidents.According to the existing constitution of Egypt adopted in 2014, either the president or a group of lawmakers representing at least one fifth of the parliament can propose changes to the country’s basic law. Any changes to the constitution of Egypt must be approved in a national referendum after two-thirds of the legislature’s lawmakers vote for it.

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