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Egypt, GCC and Jordan Discuss Military Alliance in Kuwait

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) army chiefs-of-staff met with their counterparts from Egypt and Jordan in Kuwait City on Wednesday to discuss military and defense cooperation.

 The gathering, also reportedly attended by officials from the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), comes two days after another meeting in Kuwait of GCC army chiefs-of-staff.

That meeting saw the participation of Qatar’s army chief for the first time since mid-2017, when a four-nation Arab bloc led by Saudi Arabi collectively severed relations with Doha.

According to a statement issued by the Kuwaiti military, Wednesday’s follow-up meeting was held to discuss regional security and the fight against terrorism, among other things.

Wednesday’s meeting prompted speculation in Arab media about the possible emergence of an “Arab NATO Alliance”.

Private Kuwaiti daily Alrai quoted unnamed U.S. Defense Department sources as saying that the meeting was aimed at “enhancing military ties between participant countries and discussing plans for dealing with any emergency, crisis or circumstance, including the eruption of regional wars”.

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