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Egyptian diplomat accused of ‘attempting to overthrow the incumbent regime’

Some lawyers have filed a complaint against the Egyptian ambassador Maasoum Marzouk, accusing him of “attempting to overthrow the incumbent regime and deliberately inciting the public,” local media reported yesterday.

Marzouk was also accused of “insulting the Egyptian judiciary,” which is being represented by Hanafi Jibali the president of the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court.

The complaints, which were filed to various local courts, called on arresting Marzouk and banning him from travel, media quoted official sources as saying.

The prominent Egyptian attorney, Samir El-Sheshtawy, has filed a complaint against Marzouk to the police department of Cairo’s western neighborhood of 6 of October for “inciting to overthrow the current regime” and violating the country’s protest law after calling on the Egyptians to launch demonstrations in the capital’s Tahrir Square to demand a referendum on the current regime.

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