Thursday , 27 January 2022
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Prosecutor General drops investigations of Mona Mina

Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek on Sunday dropped investigations against Mona Mina, the Doctors Syndicate’s undersecretary, due to lack of significance, according to state-run media outlet EGY News.

Mina was accused of making false statements—aimed at spreading false news—and disturbing the state’s social peace.

During a TV interview discussing the shortage in medical supplies, Mina said during a phone call that she received a complaint from a doctor, who stated that the hospital he works for ordered him to use the same syringe more than once on several patients.

In response to Mina’s statements, the Ministry of Health denied that it gave such orders and called for investigations against Mina.

The ministry condemned the statements saying that it aimed at creating panic among patients. It also claimed that hospitals have a supply in medical tools meant to last two years, which were bought under the supervision of the armed forces.

Due to the US dollar shortage, a shortage in medical supplies occurred on Egyptian retail markets.

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