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66 corruption cases in the first month of 2017: PFT

Partners for Transparency (PFT) recorded 66 corruption cases in January 2017 that were all monitored by different concerned bodies.

Compared with December 2016, the corruption rate was not significantly higher than what had been monitored previously, when in December there were 51 cases of documented corruption.

However, the Ministry of Supply remained on top of the list of most corrupt entities in Egypt, with 16 incidents in January. The ministry recorded the most corruption cases over the past few months, as in December it recorded 11 incidents and 15 in November.

After the supply ministry follow local institutions that recorded 11 incidents of corruption. Six cases were monitored in the ministries of education, agriculture, and health, and two incidents for the ministries of endowment and electricity, according to the report.

The report said that 76% of the cases reported in January are under investigation, while 1% of the cases have had final verdicts issued and 23% of the cases have ongoing trials.

PFT relies on information circulated in different media outlets to document corruption cases in ministries and governmental institutions. This is the institution’s 19th report documenting monthly corruption cases and legislative procedures.

PTF has stated in late January that there were a total of 968 incidents of corruption in Egypt in 2016.

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