Monday , 15 August 2022
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Finance ministry consultant arrested for receiving bribe

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) arrested on Saturday finance ministry official while receiving bribe, state TV announced.

The TV report added that the official was arrested while receiving an amount of EGP 1 m out of EGP 4m, from a contracting company owner; in return of manipulating the price of a land plot.

Over the past few months, the ACA has exposed a number of wide-scale corruption incidents within the public sector.

Earlier in January, a manager at the State Council, Gamal al-Labban, was arrested on bribery charges and detained pending investigation, the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) said.

Some EGP 24 million and USD 4 million were found in the defendant’s home, in addition to 1 million Saudi Riyals, and other belongings of gold and gifts.

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